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What can be harder for startups than building a product? Selling it!

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We understand your business reality

Covid19 changed your plans?
You were planning to scale internationally but the pandemic locked you at home?
Risks are high?
You are ready to expand but the risks of hiring a full-time sales team are high?
High fixed cost?
You are not sure which markets to go after and can't afford the fixed cost involved with hiring staff to test markets? Sales outsourcing will keep your cost down.
We are here to help!
We help companies land and expand in international markets without the costs, risks and delays of opening offices and hiring sales executives.
Our experienced sales outsourcing team
will help you achieve
sales growth
Grow your business at no risk
Product launch
We will test new markets for you
Brand awareness
The world deserves to learn about your brand
Tailored approach
We combine our industry expertise with your business goals and needs
We know what keeps you up at night. Sales outsourcing helps you build a solid business while you sleep.
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6 reasons to choose our sales outsourcing
We are an international, multilingual sales team
We are a team with close to 20 years of sales related experience
Fintech and Tech
Our team members have a background in fintech, IT, tech software and payment services
We sell to financial institutions, SMEs and large corporations, e-commerce businesses, government services and organisations
B2B sales
Our main focus is to support and increase your B2B sales.
We deliver Sales-as-a-Service for startups to grow your sales across borders
How it works
Kick-off call
to discuss your sales goals and strategy
Set outreach targets.
Define your targeted decesion makers
Execution. We reach out the defined decision makers on your behalf and help you to advance the deal
As our client, you will own the relationship with your international prospects. We will assist you in advancing the deal, coaching you on how to close faster the sale
Don't want to lose an opportunity to grow double-digits this year?

We help tech companies grow sales by selling on their behalf.
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Fill in this form to arrange a kick-off call
Tell us about your company and its sales goals
It is not easy for a small business to decide where to grow and how to grow. Our sales outsourcing agency helps expand across markets at a fraction of the cost. As our client you will be on top of the sales process, keeping full control and learning new selling skills. Reach out to discuss how Liinea's international sales outsourcing service can help your company.
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