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for Sales outsourcing

According to Business Insider research startups choose to outsource primarily to increase efficiency (24%) and receive assistance from an expert (18%)
Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Having a consistently growing sales numbers is the goal of every startup. But for enterprise SaaS startups in industries like Information Technology, Fintech and Software Development, reaching out to the right decision makers and connecting to potential customers across different European countries can be challenging. One effective solution to that problem is to outsource sales outreach across regions and business verticals until the market fit is established and potential risks of investing in our own sales team are eliminated. This enables to focus time, energy, ideas and resources on providing the best products and services, while expert, experienced, professionals handle the sales process, partly (prospecting) or entirely (closing the sales).


Startups should focus on ensuring they have the right infrastructure, technology, team and processes to offer the highest quality products and services. This enables them to build a solid foundation on which the company can grow. However, sales and marketing are also essential for startups to establish a presence in the marketplace and begin attracting customers. Using an outsourced sales agency is often the most effective way for startups to generate income. Getting support from an agency with a team of experienced sales pros can make establishing a customer base faster and easier.
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Most startups only have a limited amount of staff and resources. Using those resources efficiently is key. An outsourced sales team can help with that.

Using an outsourced sales team with expertise in and specialised tools and training for sales and marketing can expedite the process of engaging with consumers and generating income while the startup's staff develops and delivers the best products and services possible. This is a more efficient use of a startup's limited resources. Having an outsourced sales agency generate sales while the startup focuses on delivering quality service is a successful strategy.
37% of tech startups are outsourcing some of their business processes


New rules for tech startups growth
One reason having an outsourced sales team benefits startups is because the sales team has experience leveraging their established networks to attract customers and generate sales.
Agencies that specialize in sales and marketing build effective networks of people, media outlets and platforms they can use to promote companies, brands, products and services. This is the stock in trade of sales and marketing agencies and they can quickly and easily leverage it to generate outsourced sales for startups. Outsourcing sales activities to an experienced sales agency can help startups to quickly become profitable.

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52% of small business plan to outsource a business process


Many startups fail because they stretch their resources too thin trying to be all things to all people. Identifying, understanding and focusing their time, talent and energy on their core competencies and leaving sales to the sales experts has helped many startups to succeed. Agencies with a team of experienced, specially trained, creative, sales professionals can generate a steady flow of outsourced sales for startups. This will enable the startups to get their products and services in front of a wide range of consumers and establish the quality and reputation of their brand.


Marketing new products and services to established businesses takes specialized knowledge and skills. Using B2B sales outsourcing can enable startups to tap into this lucrative market. Attempting to connect to this market can be challenging for startups because they lack an experienced sales team with the connections, techniques, tools and expertise to get their new products and services to the right business decision makers. B2B sales outsourcing eliminates this hurdle and can get startups the opportunity to show key decision makers the benefits of using their products and services.


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Software sales is a crowded market with new and better products being introduced every day. That's why software sales outsourcing is in the best interest of startups looking to crack into this popular and lucrative market.

Relationships and unique features that solve common problems are key for establishing a foothold in software sales.

Software sales outsourcing enables startups to work with experienced, well-connected, software sales companies to get their products seen, used and purchased by businesses and individuals that need the unique software the startup has to offer.


It is wise for startups to engage the services of an outsourced sales team to give them a boost when it comes to marketing and generating sales. Outsourced sales agencies and teams use a wide range of effective techniques to promote the startup, engage consumers and generate all important sales. Some of the sales and marketing techniques and methods they use include content and email marketing, website content creation, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, promotional event creation and sales appointment setting. These techniques consistently lead to sales.


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Using an outsourced sales agency can simplify one of the most complex problems startups face. How to use a limited staff to build infrastructure, develop and deliver high quality products and services and generate enough sales to survive, thrive and become profitable. Experienced outsourced sales teams have the data, contacts and access to the right people needed to generate sales. This frees the staff of the startup to focus on providing superior products and services. By eliminating the pressure of having to generate sales, the complex problem of building a startup becomes a lot simpler.


Outsourcing sales generation to a company with a team of highly skilled, experienced, well-connected, sales professionals can provide startups with valuable, timely, access to organisations and individuals that need the products and services they have to offer. That can mean the difference between success and failure for a startup. Using an in-house sales team just beginning to make contacts in the industry can make getting timely access to large groups of consumers and important decision makers more difficult than if the sales generation tasks were outsourced to a well-connected sales agency.


For startups, time is precious. Having an in-house team assigned the task of developing the connections and contact lists necessary to generate sales leads and the analytical skills to identify good leads is time consuming. Outsourcing those tasks to an experienced B2B sales agency and paying for access to the data, companies, consumers and contacts the startup needs saves precious time and is an investment that will quickly pay dividends. It takes the guesswork out of the sales generation process.


For startups to thrive, they must quickly grow sales revenue. Software sales outsourcing and outsourcing other aspects of leads and sales generation is a very effective method for increasing sales revenue quickly. Using a commission-based payment structure with the sales team is an incentive that can generate more outsourced sales for startups. It can work with B2B sales outsourcing as well. The bottom line is the metrics show outsourced sales for startups is the most cost-effective method for rapid revenue growth.

Benefits of Outsourced Sales for Startups

There are many benefits startups can enjoy by using an outsourced sales agency. Some of them include:
More And Better Lead Generation
Better, More Lucrative, Business Connections And Contacts
Allows Startups To Focus On Their Core Competencies
Produces Excellent Results
Is A Cost-Efficient Way To Attract Customers
These are benefits any entrepreneur can appreciate and gladly take advantage of when they are trying to get their startup off the ground. Trying to build a successful, profitable business can be challenging. Attempting to generate sales on your own while putting the business infrastructure in place is too much for the average entrepreneur building a startup. Savvy entrepreneurs are quickly able to appreciate and take advantage of the benefits an outsourced sales agency can provide.

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