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for founders and their teams
Your goal is clear. You want to 2X, 5X or 10X your sales. But how to get there? There are so many different business tactics to choose from. What team do you need? What countries to go to first? What sales enablement tools to employ? How to advance your sales funnel? Where to find time to become a master at sales? Etc...

You are not the first and not the last to find yourself at the crossroads.

THE GOOD NEWS IS there are shortcuts that will allow you to get to your goals faster. I will teach you how! Book a free consultation today to discuss how effective sales performance coaching can help.
Book a free consultation today to discuss sales acceleration
How B2B sales coaching works
We will dive into your business and your objectives to understand where you want to go and identify major opportunities and bottlenecks
We will set priorities and design a plan to action
We will agree on the next set of milestones to gain momentum fast
We will develop a personal growth program for your and your business
How 1-on-1
executive sales coaching leads to success
60-minutes individual online coaching every week/month to progress towards your goals
Define specific actions and deliverables every week to act and track the impact
Get 100% availability on email and for emergency calls
Do you want to grow your business?

This is what you need to do:

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to discuss where you see your business in the future and options to get there with sales acceleration. I have set aside a number of time slots in my calendar for free consultations to meet with you and explore possible solutions.
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B2B sales is not an art, it is a knowledge-based process. If you don't know the rules, you can't win the game!

I started Liinea Sales Advisory because I believe that the success of any company is defined by the company's ability to sell. I met many founders and managers who clearly needed help to avoid expensive and sometimes even lethal sales mistakes.

My 15 years of experience in B2B tech sales have taught me that sales is definitely not an art, but a practical skill that can be learned and that I could teach. My own track record taught me that successful sales come from the right strategies and tactics.

So I assembled all my knowledge and previous experience, and the results with my first sales coaching clients were impressive. When my sales tactics and advice were implemented, companies started to sell more and faster. Read some of the feedback below:

What our customers say about B2B sales coaching
Aleš Špetič
CEO & Co-founder
Karina coached us with a playbook that is delivering higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles. She also helped us in solidifying our sales management processes. We really liked her dynamic and refreshing approach"
Satnam Surae, PhD
Chief Product Officer
Karina is a professional and extremely knowledgable enterprise SaaS sales coach who quickly understood our business and identified the areas which needed improvement. Coming from a scientific background with limited enterprise sales experience, I found the sessions with Karina enlightening and am eager to put what I learned into practise to accelerate sales growth!
Matt Peterman,
Initially we started working with Karina and Liinea on our sales pitch. A simple task rapidly grew into the review of our business model and our business strategy. Karina helped us redefine our priorities in product development and market expansion and refine our positioning on the market. Our collaboration with Karina definitely accelerated our strategic thinking.
Fast forward, today I provide professional sales coaching to companies and sales teams all over Europe. My expertise is across tech and in particular IT, software and Fintech. I love solving the puzzle of growth. No two companies are the same but the framework I've developed works and delivers results with all of them.
About Karina Collis
Sales Coach and Founder of Liinea
    • B2B sales expert, business coach and negotiation trainer.
    • Founder of Liinea Sales advisory. Current clients include tech start-ups and scale-ups, venture funds and accelerators across Europe (UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain...)
    • Lecturer at ESCP Business School on go-to-market, sales and negotiation strategies for executive Masters students.
    • Over 15 years of sales and international business development experience, working for global blue-chip software and information services companies such as Bloomberg and Moody's Analytics.
    • Executive MBA at ESCP Europe, the leading European business school, and Master's in Economics from London Metropolitan University
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    Answer a few questions and receive customised recommendations on how to improve your sales process
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