B2B sales workshop for growth companies

What can be harder than finding the first customers? scaling up!

What are your challenges while scaling up?

We work with heads of sales and their teams to create a Sales Playbook which will help replicate and scale the sales process
The ability to scale relies entirely on the efficiency of the execution.

Most tech start-ups, once they validate their product-market fit, don't have the time, the experience or the resources to process the information they got from potential customers to create a scalable sales process around it.

As a result, the sales don't accelerate as planed and the growing sales team feels lost and lacks in efficiency.

We work mainly with heads of sales and sales teams to train them to become better at selling. Together, in sales workshops we design the sales process, develop sales materials and devise sales strategies and tactics. At the end of our B2B sales workshops, we create a bespoke Sales Playbook to be used by the company to help replicate and scale the sales process.

Our signature workshop
Sales acceleration knowledge
over 3 days
Sales Growth Studio

Personalise your Sales Growth Studio

On-site location
We can come to your office wherever you are in Europe. We charge fixed £160 for any location outside London
1-10 participants
Workshops designed for 1 to 10 participants to allow the whole team to grow
Fair prices
We set our prices to increase your chances of a successful start
Tailored programs
We will customise the workshops based on your goals, strategy and sales culture

We will work with you to customise the agenda


Day 1

Designing the
value proposition

• Recap on the Sales function
• Designing the value proposition for different decision makers
• Defining your product benefits and advantages
• Defining questions to reveal pains and gains
• Insight-based selling for your product
• Mastering the elevator pitch
Day 2

Prospecting and mastering selling skills
• Questions-based selling
• Role plays
• Building effective prospecting campaigns
• Designing an effective cold email, Linkedin message and follow up messages
• Running effective cold calls
•How to accelerate the sales process
Day 3

Handling objections
and closing the deal

• Selecting insights and storytelling that will win you more customers
• Role plays
• Creating a Sales Playbook
• Working with objections and customising different techniques for your offering
• Shortening the sales cycle
• Practicing sales techniques to win any sale
• Discussing techniques to close any deal


✔ Ready-to-use sales playbook
✔ Reduced sales cycle
✔ Tactical road map
for sales acceleration
✔ Defined, replicable,
scalable sales process
Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee
We want you to achieve your sales growth break-throughs

As a growth company you want to establish a solid sales process that delivers consistent performance and efficient execution across your sales team and generates new, lucrative business opportunities to accelerate growth.

Salespeople need a process and effective toolbox in order to succeed. It happens often that salespeople are not equipped with the right information or this information is very technical, poorly presented and not customised by verticals or client segments. The Sales Playbook addresses all the above issues.
The SALES PLAYBOOK covers the following areas:
- Prospecting strategy
- Sales process and productivity metrics
- Target audience, pain points and decision-making processes
- Value proposition
- Cold calling scripts, cold email scripts, follow-up scripts
- Questions to guide a buyer through the sales process
- Action steps for closing fast
- Tips to improve selling skills

Download a sample Sales Playbook here>>
What will your Sales Playbook look like?
Increase employee engagement
Promote sales leadership
The #1 reason employees leave companies is lack of professional development
94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development
According to LinkedIn Learning's 2019 Workplace Learning Report

Sales training and coaching is vital to your business success
Talk to us to find our how
we can help grow your business!
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Get "66 questions to navigate a sales process and to close any sale fast"
I have been leading hundreds of complex sales with contract values of up to $1bn, I observed my colleagues doing the same, I've read hundreds of books on effective selling and followed opinions of the experts. All these allowed me to create a unique sale process map driven by the right questions.
I am happy to share this question map with you.
Karina Collis, Founder of Liinea
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What our graduates say
What did you like about the sales
"I liked that we've learned so may things - especially the mixture of theory and practice was at least for me very helpful"

"Very hands-on and individual practice of sales skills and presentation skills. Useful industry examples and practical tips. Very open and welcoming atmosphere"

"It was a good break of activities and presentation. I also liked the practical application of the activities - that way we could directly use what we discussed"

What are the most important things
you have learned?
"The importance and use of body language. Tips and tricks for sales pitches, mails, calls etc."

"The sales process and how we can apply it at work"

"Posture, body language, sales techniques, tool kit, structure of sales"

"Prepare, ask questions, use macro trends. How to structure sales process"

Is there anything else you'd like to share about the sales workshop?
"The training was very personal and it was easy to have you as part of our team. Thank you very much for everything!"

"I really learnt so much about sales and how to approach customers that I feel much more prepared for doing a good job! Many thanks!

"I have a very clear framework now. Sales are new to me but I understand that it is the most important skill to have!"
Our pledge to you:
✔ We will always price our services transparently: we disclose our prices to help you budget
✔ We will always price our services fairly: we know that without the sales process and the sales skills, it is hard to bring the first revenues in
Your success is our success: we deliver tailor-made knowledge based on best practices and personal experience. You only get techniques that work during our sales training workshops. No time wasted on obvious or useless stuff
How successful start-ups close more deals

Ready to accelerate sales?

Linkedin prospecting

  • Goal:
    Develop an efficient toolkit to get more leads. Master social selling. Get scripts and templates
3 hours
complex selling
  • Goal:
    Design the sales strategy to close any complex deal. Establish process and tactics to win large deals
1 day workshop
negotiation skills
  • Goal:
    Learn and practice how to manage any negotiations to achieve your sales goals
1 day workshop
Design your own
  • Goal:
    What areas of the sales process and sales skills should we focus on? Tell us!

On demand

Masterclasses and talks

  • How to accelerate growth and go from 5 to 50 customers
  • Building a Sales Playbook
Who is it for? Accelerators, start-up founders and their teams looking to understand how to design and navigate sales process, negotiate and to close deals fast.

The women's guide to power negotiation
Who is it for?
Women leaders who need to promote their ideas, influence and negotiate effectively in their own style
  • Key negotiation techniques to close your deals faster
  • Master art of selling to grow your influence
For everyone who would like to influence and move others
Master class for APX accelerator

Do you have a question?

Karina Collis, the author of the sales training workshops and
the programs, coach and B2B sales advisor
with 15+ years of experience.

Contact me today for bespoke advice!

Where are you in your sales process?
Run through a few questions and
receive customised recommendations
on how to improve your sales process
Answer a few questions and receive customised recommendations on how to improve your sales process
Answer a few questions and receive customised recommendations on how to improve your sales process
Do you have an established sales team?
Have you established your product-market fit?
How successful is your company with its sales?
Can you explain your company’s value proposition in one sentence?
Have you introduced a pipeline management process, productivity metrics and a clearly defined sales process?
What are your biggest challenges on the way to a successful sales process?
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About Karina Collis
Author of the workshops
    • B2B sales expert, business coach and negotiation trainer.
    • Founder of Liinea Sales advisory. Current clients include tech start-ups and scale-ups, venture funds and accelerators across Europe (UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain...)
    • Lecturer at ESCP Business School on go-to-market, sales and negotiation strategies for executive Masters students.
    • Over 15 years of sales and international business development experience, working for global blue-chip software and information services companies such as Bloomberg and Moody's Analytics.
    • Executive MBA at ESCP Europe, the leading European business school, and Master's in Economics from London Metropolitan University
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