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Five cold email templates
to connect with your prospects

By Karina Collis, July, 2020

Like a journey of a thousand miles starting with a small step, a B2B sales process starts with a cold email.

"Cold email" is one of the top sales related searches on Google, because every salesperson wants to break the secret code and connect with new prospects with an initial email. Does this code exist? Yes and no, because communication and influence depend on many individual factors. But we want to save you time towards your sales success and are publishing this quick guide to cold emails and five templates to use.
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This is a practical guide for entrepreneurs, salespersons and marketers. The tips and templates we provide will help you come up with an excellent cold email to use with your prospects.

First, let's understand what a cold email is. A cold email is an email that you send to a potential client that does not have any existing connection with you. Clearly, the prospect does not expect an email from you.

In numerous cases, a cold email that is wrongly composed ends up as spam. To ensure you get the attention of your potential client, you need to have an eye-catching email that is precise and straight to the point. Long emails from someone you don't know are tedious and simply mean you don't ever get to the intended message.
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Tips on composing a cold email

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Before sending a cold email to any potential client, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. How would you react if you got such an email? Is the message in the email of any value to your recipient?
A professional cold email should at least have the following information:
a precise and comprehensive subject
your name, your business information, and contacts
a customised message for your recipient
a specific request
Write an Eye-Catching Subject Line
The first thing a potential client sees in their mailbox is the subject of the email. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the subject of your cold email is precise and comprehensive. The subject should also be exciting and eye-catching. This is to get the attention of your recipient. A subject line that clarifies the value proposition you describe in the email's body is the best approach.

An excellent example of an eye-catching subject is "New initiative". This subject is short and intriguing which will lead to a higher open rate. Just make sure that the content of your email explains the subject line.

(See more tips on how to create a powerful subject line here).
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Introduce Yourself
It is also prudent to introduce yourself and describe your business. This makes the potential client aware of who is communicating with them. Just like in regular conversations, one feels more comfortable when talking or listening to a person who's background they know. If possible, it is also prudent to explain how you acquired their contact email. Explaining the source adds trust and shows that you have nothing to hide.
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Customize the Message for your Recipient
The next step after the introduction is to customize the message for your recipient. If you already know the name of your potential client, it would be highly useful to include it in the salutation. The message should also be precise, highlighting the main business intended.
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Give a clear call for action
The next step is to encourage your prospect to get more information about your offer and give him simple instruction on how to do that. You can also provide a link that gives more information about you. In one of our other articles about cold emails we explain more in detail how to create the right call-to-action.
To get an idea of how to write a cold email, here are seven professional templates that you can use. Just finetune the message to fit your needs.

Professional templates for cold emails

Subject: [New idea]

Hello, [name of your prospect],

My name is [Your Name] from [the company].

With Covid19, many companies similar to yours, come to us with one common challenge: [state the challenge]. Are you seeing a similar issue at your end?

We have a timely solution! [State your solution].

Our clients tell us that by using our [services/products] they can achieve [state what your service helps to achieve].

Would you like to learn more about how we support [focus of your service]?

What would a good time for you to talk on [Monday]?

Thank you.

[Email Signature]
2. "I came across your profile
on Linkedin"
Subject: [Prospect's company name] & [Your company name]

Hello, [name of your prospect],

I came across your profile on Linkedin and given your background in the [area of activities] space I thought it made sense to reach out.

We help [type of company] companies like yours with [what you offer]. As a result, you can expect to achieve [benefits of your services].

Are you interested in a quick call to see how we can assist?

Alternatively, you can book a slot on my calendar (link in my email signature below).


[Email Signature]

1. "Common challenge"

Subject: How to [e.g. double your sales in two months]

Hello, [name of your client],

My name is [Your Name] I am [your position] at [Company]. I am keen to take you through how you can [benefit of your product/service]

One of my recent clients in the [related sector similar to the prospect's] business achieved great result: [state achievement].

[Name of the prospect], I would like to schedule a brief call with you so I can introduce myself and share more insights with you. Will Monday afternoon work for you?


[Email Signature]

3. Selling an excellent
business idea

4. “I am talking to many of our
clients ..."
Subject: [a common challenge for your prospects]

Hello [name of your client],

Just a brief note to ask if you need support in [areas of your activities] right now to [benefit of offer]?

I am talking to many of our clients who recently were looking at a number of options to [a final benefit of your offer] as the economy picks up. Since opting for our solution, they are seeing early results shortly after implementation.

At [your company name], we provide [what you offer] for [your target audience] helping them achieve [final results]. We use new [strategies/technologies etc..] as well as leveraging [your USP] to achieve [benefits of your offer].

I can talk you through our approach if you have a few mins early next week.

Is there a good time to give you a call?


[Email Signature]

Hi [Prospect's Name],

My name is [your name] and I work at [your company name].

I have been working in the [name of the industry] industry for many years and I know that one of challenges that slows down the growth is [state the challenge].

We have developed [your solution] that help [target audience] deliver results consistently. Our internal customer research shows that by implementing our solution you can achieve [statistics about the benefits of your services].

Do you think [company name] could benefit from [your solution or final result of your solution]?

It would be great to jump on a call and learn more about your company.

Thank you,

[Email Signature]

5. “Our internal research
shows ..."

There is no perfect template that will win the hearts and minds of all your prospects, but there is one golden rule which will help you achieve the greatest results: do your research about the prospect and personalise your message by talking about your prospect, its challenges and relevant goals they could achieve. They only way to get a 99% response rate is by creating a unique personalised message.
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