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Formula for growth acceleration from
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Journey to the country of the unicorn.

By Karina Collis, London, August 2019

Scotland is the biggest UK tech startup hub outside of London. The brightest tech star there is obviously Skyscanner (I am a big user, no one has made flight search easier yet). But there are plenty other rising stars and I was curious to learn what makes the Scottish ecosystem so special. So I made my way to Turing Fest, "Europe's best cross-functional tech conference" (thats what it says on Turing Fest's website), bringing the best and brightest in tech to Scotland's iconic capital.

Turing Fest 2019 was divided into three tracks:

Build: product, engineering, design, data
Grow: growth, marketing, sales, revenue, customer success
Lead: culture, strategy, leadership, scaling
My main interest was in growth, so let me share with you what I learned about the four major actions you need to consider if you want to steer your company to success:
1. Re-think your digital strategy
2. Create binge-worthy content for a very narrow audience
3. Go back and talk to your customers
4. Bring more diversity into your team

How to grow your audience?

The biggest collective marketing delusion: digital advertising will help grow your audience. The harsh reality is that digital advertising doesn't make people love you! Number of impressions is not equal to number of people impressed.

What to do?

Create binge worthy content - but not for everyone. Find your "nerds" and create your content specifically for them! Immerse them into your experience. Create your platform with your audience.

Insights from Phil Nottingham (www.distilled.net) at #TuringFest

A man holding a presentation on a stage in front of a big screen A man holding a presentation on a stage in front of a big screen

Why GoogleAds don’t work?

70+% of all consumers begin their purchase journey on Google. But fighting for clicks and visits and sign ups is already history. The potential customers have neither the time, nor the intent to research every feature of your business or service. And Google is happy to help them by aggregating all the important information within their search results page, so that the user has no need to go inside every single website. It means that no one will see you fancy pictures, cool videos and impressive testimonial.

What to do to survive and strive?

Your website needs to learn how to feed Google with the right information. Google is working to change the content management system (CMS) platforms to change the underlying structure of the web in order to ensure more and more data becomes structured.

Jono Alderson, digital strategist (https://yoast.com), revealed some harsh truths and raised more questions at #TuringFest

How to continue growing your business?

The Tech industry is hard. The SaaS business model requires fast constant growth. And if at first the challenge is to find the first customer, when a start-up moves to the scale-up stage, the question is how to start growth?

Claire Suellentrop, marketing specialist, expert in scaling SaaS businesses, suggested that the main reason for slowing growth is hidden behind a wall of misunderstanding between you and your customer. Many of the problems companies face when growing can be traced back to misunderstanding the needs of clients.

How to fix?

1.Pick up your phone
2.Call 10 best customers
3.Find patterns in their user experience
4.React, improve, multiply

Constant dialogue with your customers, from initial stage of building your product to the later stage of scaling, is the key to success.

It is too late to give up your prejudices?

Simply, diverse teams win!
Diversity is being re-thought by an amazing woman and the stunning CTO of Monzo.com, Meri Williams.

Have you ever thought why the epic Avengers are so successful? The main reason the Avengers work so well is that they all bring different skills and abilities. They are DIVERSE!
Well, lots to digest, but the main take away is that markets are constantly changing. What generated business yesterday is not working today. Constant challenge of the existing paradigms, experiments and diversity of thought will help us all to innovate and grow!

by Karina Collis, London | August 2019

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