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6 Best Lead
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By Karina Collis, March 2021

B2B lead generation refers to the act of sparking the interest of a potential client or clients. It is the first step taken by every business in the process of marketing and before making a sale. It applies to any process that ensures ease in generating a new lead. For this reason, almost every marketer is looking for reliable lead generation tools to find more buyers and to make more sales.
What is B2B lead generation?
However, as far as it helps attain more sales, lead generation is not only about getting many clients to visit your website(s). It is about making them take the desired action, meaning one has to pay or buy what you are offering on the B2B platform. In the marketing world, the lead generation process is aimed at collecting information from visitors to the platform and turning them into loyal buyers. Doing this might sound like an easy job on paper, but it is not easy unless you have the right lead generation tools. They help to capture quality leads with as little manual outreach and follow-ups as possible. Therefore, getting the business operational becomes extremely rewarding.

In the present world, there are plenty lead generation tools being developed every day. However, there are notable tools that have a proven track record for helping the B2B businesses generate high-quality leads.

The software for B2B lead generation is not reserved only for Fortune 100 firms. There are plenty of affordable B2B lead generation tools to help you attract leads and subscribers.

In 2021, there are numerous B2B lead generation tools that you can choose from. Here are some of the top B2B lead generation tools for growing your business.
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1. Leadpages

The first step in a successful lead generation strategy is to create your online presence. It is exactly what Leadpages builder does. The tool has a drag-and-drop feature, which makes it easier for you to create attractive and user-friendly landing pages for your website and start converting traffic into leads. Every piece of content you publish with Leadpages will be maximized for conversion to help you grow your business.

Best Alternatives: GrooveFunnels, Unbounce, GetResponse, Instapage
Screenshot of Leadpage’s website
Leadpages helps you turn clicks into customers.

2. Pipedrive

This is one of the favorite B2B lead generation tools because it encourages you to develop a deal by progressing it through a sales funnel. Through Pipedrive, you can semi-automate some of the lead generation processes. Pipedrive offers to install a live chat box to your website so that you can interact with your prospect the moment he or she visits your website.

Notably, the chatbots and live chat capabilities enhance the process of lead generation for growth marketers in 2021.

Best Alternatives: Copper CRM, Freshworks, Zoho CRM, ActiveCampaign
Screenshot of Pipedrive’s website
Semi-automate your lead generation through Pipedrive.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is another top B2B lead generation tool for 2021. The most important here is that Hubspot CRM is absolutely free so you can start tracking your leads at no cost. As a bonus, with HubSpot, you can forget the use of multiple tools for all other aspects of your digital marketing. For instance, it incorporates email marketing, landing pages, software tracking, and social media, and a huge integration set that can be used for functions such as call tracking and recording. Hubspot will charge your only for digital marketing add-ons while CRM will remain free.

Best alternatives: Groove, Xant playbooks, Nimble, Pipeliner CRM
Screenshot of Hubspot’s website
Hubspot CRM is absolutely free so you can start tracking your leads at no cost.

4. Adroll

Adroll is an AI-driven digital marketing platform. We include it in our list of the best B2B lead generation tools because it becomes effortless for you to identify the target audience and generate cross-channel experiences to retain customers. The platform connects and coordinates your marketing efforts across ads, email, and your online store, to support the entire customer journey, from awareness through purchase.

Best alternatives: Madgicx, Adsalesgenius, Perfect Audience, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting
Screenshot of Adroll’s website
Easily identify your target audience and generate cross-channel experiences to retain customers.

5. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is positioned as a revenue growth platform. It is a marketing automation solution with CRM that is in-built. The tool provides a central repository for all activities involving marketing and sales. It also helps in tracking other critical components such as contacts, visitors, anonymous website visitors, and sales as well as opportunities. The tool also provides a funnel for sales, marketing, lead scoring, email marketing, social media posts, and marketing analytics, among several other core lead generation functions.

Best alternatives: Activecampaign, Act-On, GetResponse, Mailchimp
Screenshot of SharpSpring’s website
SharpSpring offers a marketing automation solution with CRM that is in-built.

6. Clearbit

Clearbit is also one of the top B2B lead generation tools because it serves as a data backbone for your business. It has a large database that allows to search for the right target audience and find not only emails of your potential clients, but also enrich your target research with financial and business information.

Best Alternatives: Lusha, UpLead, LeadIQ, Apollo.io
Screenshot of Clearbit’s website
Understand your customers, identify future prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.
Notably, each of these lead generation tools is quite different from each and is upon you to choose the best for your business development needs. It is also essential for you to understand that a tool is only half of the battle. The effort for your lead generation may be limited based on the industry in which you operate.

For instance, real estate has the lowest rates of conversion, while business consulting has the highest conversion rate.

As such, you should keep in mind that the lead generation tool of your choice should be easy to use. It should also be comfortable in implementation and aligned with your business development needs and goals.

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