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20-30 November 2020 | BLACK FRIDAY OFFER
Negotiation workshop for professional women
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Women are afraid to ask
Women describe negotiations as "scary" and "going to the dentist" while men associate them with "fun" and "winning a game"
Women are satified with less
Many women fail to recognise opportunities to negotiate — about their position, about their salary and the resources to become successful in their roles
Women don't know how to negotiate
The majority of women admit that they don't t know what to say or don't have enough confidence to say it
Women are afraid of being penalised
Women are afraid to ruin relationships, not be seen as a team player and leave a bad impression if they choose to negotiate
• Empathy
• Effective communication
• Listening
• Rapport building
• Problem solving
• Decision making
• Assertiveness
• Dealing with difficult situations


A Negotiation scene from the movie "Just Go with it".

Little Maggie shines with self-confidence, knows what she wants and knows how to ask for it as she negotiates with Danny. We all have a little Maggie inside us.

Karina Collis. The author of the "Power Negotiation for Women"training
My Story
Hi, I am Karina Collis. I have spent 15 years working in sales for large financial corporations, traveling around the world and negotiating 7-digit contracts. Now I'm the Founder of Liinea, and the author of the negotiation workshops and the sales training programs, coach and B2B sales advisor.

Karina Collis. The Founder of Liinea, the author of the negotiation workshops and sales training programs, coach and B2B sales advisor.
Years ago I decided to buy a car to be able to drive around London. My friend - a car dealership in London gave me some advice and added at the end "Remember, salespeople in car dealerships usually quote higher prices to women than to men, so don't forget to negotiate".

This last piece of advice made me curious and I wanted to understand its roots. I realised that women rarely negotiate and the world around them tries to take advantage of that. From that day I knew not only that I would start thinking differently about my options, but I also wanted to encourage other women to get what they deserve by negotiating every deal they are involved in!

I've successfully negotiated many sales contracts (learn more on Linkedin), job offers and even a house purchase as well as many other things on the way.

I want to share my skills with you so you can advance your career and be better off in your life.

See you at the course!

Best Regards,
Karina Collis

During my 1 day online workshop we will cover:

4 simple steps to executing any negotiation
We will equip you with a set of practical, easy-to-use principles and recommendations that you can use right away
Working with objections confidently
"Non negotiable" will not stop you anymore as you learn how to deal with objections of all kinds
Deal with gender-based prejudice
Learn how turn gender-based prejudice to your advantage and change men's perception without becoming one
Building relationships in any situation
Negotiation doesn't mean confrontation. Learn how to use negotiation skills to build and develop solid relationships
Practice and role-play
Practice is better than theory when it comes to negotiation. You will be able to practice and improve your negotiation skills in a safe environment
You will learn:
How to prepare for a salary negotiation?
How to execute your negotiation?
How to overcome objections
and resistance?
How to resist and succeed in difficult negotiations?
How to know my market rate?
How to gain confidence in negotiations?
How to use the likability factor?
How to negotiate over emails?
This training is for every woman
who wants to achieve more and get things done
The training will help you master any price negotiations, negotiations with potential clients, partners and contractors and get the income your deserve
Women in Companies
The training will help you navigate more easily the complexities of the corporate world, build useful relationships and negotiate better outcomes for your career progression
You will raise the quality of your negotiating outcomes whether you negotiate with your potential clients or recruit your next employee.
Get my 15 years
of negotiation experience in one day:

✓ Enhance your negotiation skills at work
✓ Boost your career
✓ Get a promotion
✓ Negotiate a salary increase
✓ Negotiate a better benefits package
✓ Negotiate at home and in everyday life

Bonus Materials after the Workshop
Negotiation playbook
covering key aspects
of the course
20 secrets from psychology
on how to influence
others (ebook)
Email templates
to negotiate
in writing
Training Program Agenda
10:00–11:00 / Can women beat men in negotiation?
  • Why women don't negotiate
  • Challenges women face in negotiation due to implicit biases
  • How to prepare for successful negotiation
  • What is BATNA? How to expand positive outcomes
11:00–13:00 / 4 steps of power negotiation
  • What are the four steps of power negotiation
  • How to build relationships while negotiating
  • Negotiating in person vs negotiating in writing
  • Develop your negotiation plan
14:00–16:00 / Handling difficult dialogs and influencing others
  • How to pitch to different colleagues' agendas
  • How to handle objections and resistance
  • How to boost your confidence in negotiation
  • Body language and tone of voice while negotiating
  • How to persuade and influence people around you
  • Power negotiation tricks and secrets
16:00–17:00 / Role plays, rehearsals and commitment ceremony
  • Practice a variety of negotiation situations
  • Further learning and reading list
  • Assignment to master the skills learned
  • Commitment ceremony - every participant commits to future negotiation challenges
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