Alla Danisova

CloudHQ Auto Follow Up: A powerful support tool for our operations.

By Alla Danisova, Wien, May 2022

At Dialllog, we spend a lot of time meeting new people through conferences around Europe, word of mouth and social networks.
Usually, the process consists of reaching out by email and asking if they are available to meet in hopes of presenting our product. With the initial interest, we hope to understand whether they would be potential clients or investors or even if they are simply willing to provide us with feedback. Therefore, as you can imagine, we send out several emails every week, and we do not always receive an immediate response, which results in the team constantly preparing and sending out follow up emails.

As our firm grows, our free time decreases substantially; thus, it's impossible to always remember who has not responded to our emails. This is important because it helps us know whether we should send a follow-up email. Therefore, we decided to find a simple tool that can help us increase our efficiency and productivity without taking away more time and energy.
After extensive research comparing and testing different providers, we decided to go for CloudHQ. Firstly, because of the clear advantages that CloudHQ provides in terms of automatisation and customisation. Secondly, no other software available on the market is able to offer such a wide range of services in such a simple and clear manner. Hence we proceeded to download CloudHQ as a Google Chrome extension (you can do the same by clicking the following website:

We then created emails, campaign templates and signatures and started using them with our contacts. What we appreciate the most about the auto follow up tool provided by CloudHQ is, firstly, the functionality that allows you to import excel sheets with contacts to create campaigns; and secondly, you can check the status of your emails, whether they have been sent, received, opened or even when you have received a reply.
We suggest downloading this useful tool as it surely makes your life easier and helps you to stay in touch with potential clients and investors.